Why Us

With the increasing pressure of competitions and stricter industrial regulations, companies are now acknowledging, how a technician's performance can have significant impact on their operational results - either positively or negetively, and thus emphasising on hiring of competent and high potential technicians for their operations. However, in reality, locating and recruiting such human resources is truely a challenging  task even though, there is no dearth of job searching technicians in the employment market. In order to support the employers in this regard, we provide our expertise and dedicated services for searching, screening and shortlisting of the most suitable technicians from various sources including our own data base.  Our services are focussed on exclusive requirements of each client. While we work on time bound assignments, we also maintain all relevant professional ethics and norms during the hiring process.


On the other hand, we are equally committed to support the talented technicians for their personal development and career growth. Our team consists of qualified and experienced professionals who can guide and train the technicians to uplift their potentials and achieve their aspirations.




How We Work?

Our way of working for technicians hiring is as below:

  • Understand the job descriptions of the positions from the employer and mutually finalise the screening criteria of the candidates.
  • Identify matching probable candidates from our data base and various external networks. 
  • Contact with the identified candidates over phone and capture information about their profie, current status and suitability. If possible, we try to conduct face to face interactions with these candidates.
  • Prepare final shortlist and send to the employer for approval.
  • Coordinate with the employer and candidates for interviews and subsequent final selection.
  • Complete pre-employment procedures and ensure joining of selected candidates on-time.
  • Get feedback from the recruiters about our services and review our processes accordingly.img