About Company

Technicians Hub provides consultancy services to an important but less focussed category of human assets commonly known as "Technicians" who are employed in industrial organisations where specially "skilled hands" are  required to execute technical tasks. Skilled Operators, who operate sophisticated machines are also included in the Technician category in many companies. Technicians are also known in different names, such as Mechanic, Electrician, Technical hand, Technical Assistant etc. They are generally Trade Certificate holders from Industrial Training Institutes ( or simliar) and Diploma holders from Engineering Institutes.

We intend to act as an interface between the Technicians and the Inndustries who hire them. While we support the Technicians to develop their potentials and market their talents, at the same time as a HR partner, we extend our expertise services to acquire best skills from the resource market to meet their specific operational requirements. 





To see ourselves as the most preferred career developing consultant to the Technicians and most preferred HR partner to the Industries for hiring comptetent Technicians for their operations. 



To support the Technicians to:

- upgrade competencies through counselling and training

- increase market value by finding best career opportunities

- achieve professional recognitions by showcasing their talents

To support the industries to:

-  hire most competent technicians for their operations through reliable searching & screening process

-  Upgrade skill and knowledge of the Technicians crew through on-site training.

Technicians are key human resources for any industry. Be it manufacturing, construction, health care, R&D or any other industry, undoubtedly the operational results significantly depend on the performance of the technicians though it often remains unnoticed by the managements. In any industrial organisation, along with a capable and motivated management set up, a high-quality technicians’ crew is a must for achieving operational targets. While incompetent technicians tend to produce more wastes, bad quality, machine failures, accidents etc; a committed, innovative and talented team of technicians can bring in a radical improvement in the business results.



Today’s machines and processes are more complex and cost intensive and that too, they are continuously getting upgraded. So, in order to handle them efficiently, technicians must possess the necessary specialised skills and at the same time, they should also be able to continuously update themselves with new knowledges and skills.

On the other hand, tough business competitions, stringent social & government regulations and extensive applications of information technology have now redefined the job profile of today's technicians. Being a part of front line execution team, besides specific hands-on skills, they should also possess a fair amount of conceptual skills on problem solving, continuous improvement, process control, asset management, quality systems, cost reduction, health & safety standards etc.  Moreover, soft skills, like, good communication, computer proficiency, team working, innovativeness etc. are also considered as essential abilities of the modern technicians to make them more confident in facing the challenges in their jobs. Therefore, while recruiting technicians, it is worth to widen the desired profile of the candidates, beyond the conventional focus on technical skills. This will definitely make a substantial difference in the operational results in the long run.

The world of technicians is greatly diversifed. There are enormous number of trades or branches and endless number of unique skill sets being engaged by various industries around the globe. Every organisation has its own specific requirements of competencies for the technicians they want to employ, depending on their technologies, business, organisation structure, culture etc. While hiring, organisations often compromise with the desired competencies of the technicians because of the difficulties in finding suitable candidates, ignoring the potential long term operational losses due to such trade offs. Therefore, it is always beneficial to have a well structured hiring strategy for the technicians which ultimately pays off to the organisation.