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Technicians Hub provides consultancy services related to an important, yet a less focused category of human assets, broadly known as “Technicians”. They are employed in industries where “specially skilled hands” are required to execute various technical tasks in their operations. Skilled Operators, who operate sophisticated machines, are also considered in the Technicians category in many organisations. Moreover, Technicians are also named based on their specialised trades such as Fitter, Mechanic, Welder, Plumber, Electrician, Instrument mechanic etc. Academically they are generally Trade certificate holders from Govt. Industrial Training Institutes or similar skill development institutes and in some cases, Diploma holders from polytechnics.

Technicians Hub intends to act as an interface between the job seeking Technicians – either fresh or experienced and the Industries who hire them. While we support the Technicians to develop their potentials and market their talents, at the same time, as a HR partner, we want to assist the employers to recruit best technicians from the resource market to meet their specific skill requirements.



Our Services

Technicians hub is a young organisation in the field of human resource consultancy services. We are focused on the Technicians (and Operators) segments of manpower and provide following services to our customers:

For Technicians

  • Support to prepare effective Resume
  • Explore best opportunities in the job market
  • Pre- selection guidance
  • Career Foundation Training to enhance employment potential of fresh candidates.
  • Career advices
  • Opportunity to showcase one’s talent by publishing technical articles in our website.
Post Resume

For Employers

  • Locate most suitable candidates in the resource market to match the job profile of Technicians.
  • Conduct preliminary screening of the candidates and offer shortlisted potential candidates for final selection.
  • Support in all pre and post recruitment activities
  • Provide on- site training to technicians on various manufacturing, maintenance and process management tools and techniques as per organisational needs.
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